Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kaiserbrötchen : ขนมปังไคเซอร์

I've tried to bake "Kaiserbrötchen", the typically German bread for breakfast in the past week. The first try hadn't turned out as I hope since the crust was quite thick and the texture wasn't fluffy and tender enough.

The photo above was my first homemade Kaiserbrötchen. Maybe, you can see how thick the crust is. I was quite disappointed with the result. Anyway, it was eatable. The second time that I baked this bread, I left the seeds out and the bread came out better than the first time. Too bad that the quality of the photos I took was really low because it was quite dark and the neon light is never the best for taking a photo.

And this was the third try. Finally I've done it. My Kaiserbrötchen was perfect as I expected. The crust was thin and the texture was real tender and pfuffy just as what I bought from the bekery. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I usually eat this bread for breakfast, topped with butter, marmalade, cheese, salami, ham and so on.

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